Annand Virk

HI! I’m
Annand virk.*

EPIC gamer since ‘94.
Video games EXPERT.
creative Strategist.
*some call me Bunty king.


I’m thinking about games 24/7, and streaming on Twitch Mon-Fri EST, currently exploring Ancient Greece in AC:Odyssey and up to no good in Azeroth.

Otherwise, I’m just a total normie who loves shit like brunch.


I laugh a lot and talk video games. That’s me in a nutshell. I’m building a career and life around just that because it makes me happy and it turns out it makes other people happy, too. I do this in two ways:

I play video games. I’ve played them all my life and, like many of you, they’ve brought me a great deal of enjoyment during moments in which joy was scarce.

Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have allowed me to share this passion with people like you in a way the younger version of myself would have never thought possible; they’ve not only opened me up to a world of creativity, but to thousands of people who understand and value the industry I fell in love with all those years ago.

I build communities and I happen to be pretty great at it.


On Youtube.

impressions: 200K+ per mth.

I launched my channel in 2015 around gaming but was inspired to shift gears to engage in the socio-political conversations that influenced my peers’ lives, work and education. Having made my way through the cultural conversation online (thankfully, with my optimism still in tact), I’m back to my roots and creating the content that makes me most happy: all things games.

On Twitter.

Impressions: 10M+ per mth.

I’m seasoned in community building on Twitter and after three bans (ask me about them over coffee), my community is now at 50K. Although there are daily laughs and my underwear pics get the most love, nothing will beat that time that I found out Barack Obama followed me (he still won’t answer my DMs). Tweet me, I almost always reply.

On Twitch.


Back in 2015, I leaned into my Indian roots and gained a quick following that were happy to hear me yell at my screen in an accent inspired by my Pops. My following really blew up when I dropped the act and started playing as me. Now, you can find me on Twitch 5 days a week, Mon-Fri mornings. Throw me up during your first cup of coffee. Check out some of my clips.


Be my friend?




with me.



Get in touch for information regarding potential content collaborations and sponsorships. I’m saving myself for games development studios whose work I value so I can highlight your projects through my social media channels and content.


content strategy for game developers & journalists
creative campaign strategies
games testing & analysis
story & character development
launch & communication strategies
branded content (My face, your company)